Michelle OpgrandeGuidance Counselor
Dave RodmanGuidance Counselor
Cindy GlennGuidance Office Secretary

Phone: 360.575.7042

Fax: 360.575.7220

1225 28th Ave

Longview, WA 98632

Counseling Services Provided

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Counselor/agency referral
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Academic Interventions
  • Leadership Programs
  • Parent Conferences
  • Academic Testing
  • Behavior Plans
  • Initialized Education Plans, (IEP)

Underage Drinking Prevention

Parents and caregivers are the leading influence in your child’s decision not to drink. Check out these resources to help you start—and keep up—the conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol at a young age.

Meeting with your student’s teachers

  • If you have a need to get information about a specific class or INDIVIDUAL teacher, it is best to contact that teacher directly.  You can do this by calling the Main Office at 577-2703 to request the time when the teacher is available or to leave a note stating that you’d like the teacher to call you back.
  • If you have a need to meet with a group of teachers you can arrange for a conference by calling the student’s counselor. The counselor will contact the teachers and assist in setting up the conference. Please call the Guidance Office at 577-2736.


State law and school district policy requires that all district employees report the following:

  • If there is a  threat of harm or injury to self or others.
  • If there is a suspected or reported instance of abuse either physical, sexual or neglect.