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May Employees of the Month


Linda Brookhart – Monticello Middle School

A long-time district employee, Linda has always been one of the hardest workers.  She absolutely lights up any room she’s in and is someone anyone can go to when they need a kind word or boost of positivity.  Linda is always thinking of others and willing to help anyone who needs it.  It is hard to imagine Monticello without her.



Brenda Winters – Kessler Elementary

Brenda joined our district in 2004 and became a permanent employee in 2013.  She has always gone above and beyond to serve every student in her school.  She took the lead with the Conscious Discipline and also offered to teach it.  She has also volunteered to be on the PTO to help the students get field trips and to bring the Pacific Science Center to her school.  She has always displayed a positive, can-do attitude in all she does and is described by fellow employees as the heart of Kessler.

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December Employees of the Month

Scott Merzoian

Scott joined the district in 2014 and has since been known for his hard work and kindness.  Although his job is often challenging, he goes about his day with a smile on his face.  He supports and believes in his teachers and is always working to improve everything at Monticello for the staff, students, and parents.   His staff could not have asked for a more positive, patient, fair, and caring leader and are so appreciative of all that he does.

Brenda McCown

A long-time Longview Schools team member, Brenda McCown displays a positive attitude that is contagious and motivating.  Her thoughtfulness and kindness towards the staff, students, and parents at Monticello is beautiful.  She is never without a smile on her face.  She is an integral part of keeping Monticello running smoothly.

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April Employees of the Month

Monticello counselor Dave Rodman is compassionate, caring and a strong advocate for our students, especially those that struggle to be accepted socially by their peers. Dave establishes strong relationships with students, parents, and staff. He meets with individuals and small groups of students on a daily basis to work through their problems so that they can be successful in the classroom and in life. Dave is always looking for additional ways to make connections with students, and for students to make connections to our school. With the help of a few colleagues, Dave created an after school FIT club that has attracted more than 30 students. It has continued to grow throughout the year. Several students that have joined the club have shown tremendous growth at school. The self-confidence that they have gained from the club has positively impacted their performance at school.

Monticello school secretary Brenda McCown goes above and beyond the expectations to meet the needs of our students, staff, and parents. In high pressure situations, she is at her best. She understands all of the functions and operations of the school, which allows her to provide support and resources to those in need. Her work allows Monticello building to run efficiently and effectively, and she directly contributes to the positive culture throughout the school.

Congratulations to the April Employees of the Month Dave and Brenda!

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October Employees of the Month

Two Monticello staff members have been recognized as the October Employees of the month. Special education teacher James Heberling is a life-long learner who continually looks for opportunities to learn best practices and grow as a teacher. James completed a range of classes this summer so he could better impact student learning. He took the knowledge he gained and not only applied it to his teaching but stepped into a teacher-leader role leading professional development for his fellow staff members at Monticello and for first- and second-year teachers from both Longview and Kelso. He has been with Longview Public Schools since 2014.

Paraeducator Karen Branscom has been at Monticello since 2011. There, she is credited with building relationships with students and helping them develop the skills needed to be successful in their behaviors and academics. Her nominator says, “She takes initiative when she sees that something needs to be done and is always swilling to do any task that is given to her.” Karen has been a district employee since 1988.

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April Employees of the Month

Hats off to the District’s April Employees of the Month honored for their “above and beyond” attitudes and actions!

Instructional Coach Ryan Chinchen (above left) recently helped shepherd the grades 6-12 math adoption and has worked with publishers, teachers, and the district office to ensure all participants are informed and collaborative. He has been an invaluable member of Monticello’s staff since 2003—joining as a math teacher; in 2013 he became one of the three instructional coaches in our district. He works closely with first-year teachers and the staff at Monticello. His actions are clear and well thought out and he brings the most out of his staff. The new teachers with whom he works are growing instructionally. In addition to those roles, Ryan led the middle school math team through a process of using an alternative curriculum for two years and bringing professional development and focus to that team’s work. Ryan also is a Math Fellow with the state of Washington.

Laura Mourer has been with the district since 2015,and at the beginning of this school year, she took on the role of ELL Liaison. In a short period of time, she has developed key relationships with building staff, students, and parents in support of student success. She is a safety net for ELL and transition ELL students and goes the extra mile to work with students, staff and parents. She has a positive can-do attitude that is infectious. Laura has helped develop and present her work in support of students to the Washington Association of Bilingual Educators (WABE) conference in April.

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March employees of the month

Teacher Scott Firth (left) has been a teacher with the district since August 2004, when he began his journey at Monticello–where he is still an outstanding math teacher. Scott understands Monticello’s diverse student population, and he was recently asked to lead a session on student social skills impacting student achievement for the Longview/Kelso Inspiring Teachers training in February and March. The positive feedback from his session was overwhelming. His impact on student achievement can now be seen district-wide.

Dan Jones (right) has worked with the Longview Schools Technology Department since 1996. He is a kind and calm-mannered individual who treats his customers and his co-workers with a high degree of respect. He is solution-focused. Technology often requires maintenance and system updates outside of the regular work day. Dan is willing to spend Saturdays (or early-mornings or late-afternoons) doing critical infrastructure work so the system won’t be hugely impacted by the work. Dan’s efforts are significant, but behind the scenes. Helping develop a redundant back-up system or contribute to the systemic replacement of switches and servers is seldom noticed outside the department, but has HUGE significance for all network users!

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