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Reporting and Absence: You can submit your student's absence by calling 360.575.7041, email or by filling out the form on your right. 

Daily Attendance:  Daily attendance will be taken for all students participating in remote and in-person learning.

Notification in writing or by phone to excuse a student’s absence must occur within 3 days of the absence. If the school does not receive a phone call on the day of an absence, an automated phone call will go out notifying parent of the absence. 

Reasons an Absence is Excused Due to the COVID Pandemic:   The new chapter outlines several new reasons that a student’s absence would be considered excused due to COVID circumstances, including an ill family member, lack of access to necessary instructional tools, parents’ work schedule, or a student’s obligations to their family. The expanded list of excused reasons is intended to be responsive to the unprecedented situations families and students find themselves in due to COVID-19. The new reasons provided in the rule can signal to districts when flexibility is needed. This flexibility for students and families will prevent unnecessary involvement in the judicial system due to unexcused absences.

Changes in Excused Absences: We can no longer accept “parent request” as an excuse for an absence.  The following are the only reasons for excused absences.

  • Participation in a school or district approved activity
  • Illness, health condition, or medical appointment -a doctor ‘s note will be required
  • Family emergency, death or serious illness in the family
  • Religious or cultural observance of a religious holiday or participation in religious or cultural instruction
  • Court or judicial proceeding
  • Absence directly related to the student’s homeless status
  • Absence related to military deployment activities of a parent or legal guardian who is an active duty member
  • Absence resulting from a disciplinary action
  • Principal (or designee) and parent, guardian, or emancipated youth mutually agreed upon approved activity provided that such excused absences shall not be permitted if deemed to cause a serious adverse effect upon the student educational progress consistent with RCW 28A.225.01

Please contact your school principal if you have any questions.



Absence Form

If your student is unable to attend school then please fill out the following questions. 
Student's Full Name
First Name
Last Name
Is your student late or absent?
Will your student need a hot lunch?
Your Name
First Name
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Pre-Planned Absences

Any family vacation must be pre-approved well in advance by a building principal.  Please submit a pre-planned absence form at least three days before a pre-planned absence.


Pre-Planned Absence Form - Download (English)

Pre-Planned Absence Form - Download (Spanish)