Hello Mustang Family,

We are now in our second week of distance learning. I know that many of you are having success, but some are experiencing problems accessing online lessons. Please know that we are working very hard to create a model that will make it easy for students and parents to access. We hope to send out tutorials, calendars and other information soon. We ask for your patience as we continue to navigate this new model of teaching. Below I have included some helpful information.


Offline Packet Pick Up

Friday, April 24th will be the next homework packet distribution day. Students can enter through the front door starting at 12:00pm.The packets will be located in the lobby. We ask that you follow social distancing guidelines by leaving at least 6 feet between you and the next student. Only one student at a time will enter the building. It is important to remember that only students that do not have access to the internet should be picking up packets. All lessons have been placed online for students to access remotely. If you are having trouble accessing the online lessons, please email us at smerzoian@longview.k12.wa.us  or   bpiper@longview.k12.wa.us


Returning Offline Work to Teachers

Due to health concerns, we are asking that you do not return your packets to the school. After students complete their work, we would like them to take a picture of it and email it to their teacher. You will see a list of teachers and emails at the bottom of this letter.


Math Workbooks

If a student still needs to pick up their math workbook, they can pick it up on Friday from 12:00-3:00pm.



Breakfast/Lunch bags are served every day from 12:00-12:30pm in the Monticello Lobby Monday through Friday. All students from 0-18 years old can grab one and go.


Wi Fi Locations

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, many of our schools have wi fi access from their parking lots. Below is a list of schools and the locations that allow you to access the school’s wi fi. Student chromebooks will link up automatically to the LPS-Student wireless network when in range, and personal devices can connect to the LPS-BYOD wireless network.


Monticello –

  • Back parking area adjacent FCRC
  • Back parking area adjacent first building door

Columbia Valley Gardens –

  • Front and Left parking area of the Main Entrance

Northlake –

  • Street parking area of Main Entrance
  • Street parking area adjacent garden
  • Parking lot by portable 23 / 24
  • Back parking Lot area by playground

Olympic –

  • Parking lot area by “B” Porch
  • Parking lot area by Kinder Portable (adjacent ball field)
  • Street parking area adjacent Hawthorne

Discovery –

  • Parking area across from Central Kitchen

RA Long –

  • Parking lot between RA Long and Administration Building (STEM Lab area)
  • Parking area adjacent Portable Buildings



Yearbooks can now be ordered online using the following link:


If you already ordered a yearbook, we hope to be able to hand them out in June. More information will be sent out soon.


Teachers-Class- Email

Mr. Bixby 7th/8th Science mbixby@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Byman 6th Math abyman@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Castle 6th Science and 7th/8th PLTW mcastle@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Churchman 7th ELA/SS schurchman@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Courtney 8th PE/Health bcourtney@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Flint Extensive Program kflint@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Gillett Special Education agillett@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Gould 8th Math tgould@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Hartley 6th Math phartley@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Hayes 6th ELA/SS khayes@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Huffman 6th Band bhuffman@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Hulings 7th PE/Health mhulings@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. K. Johnson 6th PE/Health kjohnson1@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. T. Johnson 8th Special Education tjohnson2@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. Kenney ELL akenney@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Klander Band dklander@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Lavelle Chinese & Culture mlavelle@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Nielsen 6th/7th ELA/SS snielsen@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Noakes Choir cnoakes@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Paul 8th Math npaul@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Peterson 7th Math cpeterson@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. I. Peterson 6th Special Education ipeterson@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. K. Peterson 6th ELA/SS kpeterson@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Poole 6th/7th Math jpoole@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Reeves 6th Science & 7th/8th PE/Health jreeves1@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Roome 7th/8th Science nroome@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. Scott 7th Special Education gscott@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Shepherd Orchestra lshepherd@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Staggs 7th Math/ELA/SS & 6th/7th PE/Health tstaggs@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. Strock 8th ELA/SS sstrock@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. Velke 7th ELA/SS mvelke@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Weiss 6th/7th Science aweiss@longview.k12.wa.us

Ms. Wesolowich Art kwesolowich@longview.k12.wa.us

Mrs. Wooden 7th Math kwooden@longview.k12.wa.us

Mr. Zander 8th ELA/SS ezander@longview.k12.wa.us